Spotify 1.0.x on Linux and how to get the old one back

Recently Spotify updated it’s Linux repository to include version (At the time of writing) of spotify-client. There are some issues such as missing system tray icon, missing window menus (Probably intentional but stupid anyway), entering offline mode(!) and and so spacious ui that you could fit an ocean tanker in there without hitting an element so some may want to downgrade to 0.9.x.

Luckily somebody on Spotify’s team seems to share this concern as they are hosting the old version too as spotify-client-0.9.17. So to get the old one back just do:

sudo apt-get install spotify-client-0.9.17

This will remove the new one and install the old version which is at the time of writing is

To make sure you don’t lose the good one you could use apt-mark to mark the packet as held to prevent automatic upgrade and removal of the version. To do this you can use:

sudo apt-mark hold spotify-client-0.9.17

You should still probably upgrade the packet if they update it, though.

And just in case they remove the old packet you could store it yourself. If you just installed it you should be able to find the .deb file in /var/cache/apt/archives/.
If it’s already gone you can fetch it again using apt-get with –download-only and –reinstall:

sudo apt-get --reinstall --download-only install spotify-client-0.9.17

The only issue with this is that you might lose protection against security issues as you might not receive latest updates. Luckily the attack surface is quite small, realistically only the spotify: URIs and .mp3 files if you are into importing those.

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